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Winterhold Northern Guard

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In the far north, the men cut off from aid hold the line against the horrors of the dark. Enhance your table top roleplaying (RPG) sessions whether its Dungeons and Dragons, pathfinder or system.

Set contains the following 13 units:
1x Commander
1x Bannerman
6x Soldiers with Sword & Shield (3 poses, duplicated)
5x Soldiers with a Longbow (2 flaming)

These models play into the fantasy trope of "giant" Northman. As such, they are sized based on a 6'5" - 7' instead of the normal 5'5"-6". These models will stand a head taller than your normal 28mm or 32mm models.
The set is offered in 32mm and 28mm by default; however, they can be printed in whatever size you like. Please reach out for pricing.

This model was designed by TytanTroll.