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Free Shipping: US Domestic orders over $60, Canadian orders over $125.
Free Shipping: US Domestic orders over $60, Canadian orders over $125.

Space Marine Bits Box

Original price $35.00 - Original price $35.00
Original price
$35.00 - $35.00
Current price $35.00
Now is your chance to get $100 worth of space marine compatible bits, delivered to your door each month.
These are the same high quality, 3D printed bits we offer in the store; curated each month into exciting collections.
All bits are compatible with Horus Heresy, First Born, or Primaris sized Space Marines.

When are monthly subscriptions billed and when will I receive my Bits Box?
Subscriptions are renewed on the first of every month. Boxes are shipped by the 12th of each month.

Billing when you sign up 
Example: Sign up September, get billed immediately for October's box. The next renewal cycle will be November 1 for November's Box.

Shipping when you sign up
New subscribers will have their first box delivered with the next month's fulfilment.
Example: if you join in September, then your first box will be fulfilled in October.

Timeline of Billing/Shipping when you sign up (example dates below):
  • September 7 – You sign up and will be billed immediately for October's box
  • September 12 - Subscription Processing - No box shipped this month
  • October 1 - No billing this month because October box was paid for in September
  • October 12 – First box will be shipped
  • November 1 – November box billed
  • November 12 – November box shipped
  • December 1 - December box billed
  • December 12 - December box shipped
Do we ship outside the United States?
Yes, the bits box is eligible to ship to the following destinations: United States, qualifying US APO/FPO destinations, European Union, and Canada. We are working to expand fulfilment to more locations, such as United Kingdom.

Can I return my monthly box?
We currently do not accept returns for our subscription service but if you have any questions, please reach out to us at .