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Free Shipping: US Domestic orders over $60, Canadian orders over $125.
Free Shipping: US Domestic orders over $60, Canadian orders over $125.


How quickly do I get my order?

Each order is printed at the time of ordering, our print window fluctuates based on order volume but turnaround is generally 10-12 business days. Over holiday periods (Thanksgiving to New Years) expect the production window to closer to 3 weeks. 
Our shop is closed weekends and holidays. 

Do I need to clean the models when they arrive?

All models are washed of residual resin, have the support structures removed, and receive basic cleaning. Small imperfections, layer lines and other printing artifacts are common with 3D prints. Models will be unassembled and unpainted. Images showing painted models are for reference purposes only.

Do they come with bases? 

All models are provided without a base – unless there is a sculpted “base” as part of the model, as depicted in the item description.

How do the models look when they arrive?

Models are sold as a “hobby kit”, meaning some fine detailing and assembly will be required once received. Larger monster and complex models may require more assembly and hobby work than small model kits.

Where do the models come from?

We offer models from several artists who all create their own work.

Is there a difference in size from model to model?

Sizing of models can vary greatly across the industry, and even models of the same scale may use differing proportions “heroic” vs “true”. We will happily provide measurements of any model if you are concerned about its size. Where possible we can adjust the size of models prior to printing.


If you have any questions or would like to request custom printing, please do not hesitate to reach out by email at