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The Gardener Ogre - Dramatis Personae Necromunda Hive City Gang War

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The Gardener is scaled to fit 28mm wargames and has the weapon options parts:
Right Arm: Augmented Fist, Axe, Grafted Chainsword, Power Maul, Ripper Gun.
Left Arm: Augmented Fist, Spud-Spanner, Grafted Circle Saw, Slab Shield, No Weapon - Fist.

Triple Kit:
This option gives you 3 torso and 3 legs options (2 of the pictured + 1 "running" pose), 4 unique heads and a complete set of arms. It also includes 2 sets of shoulder mounted gizmos and 1 set of armor. This is enough parts to kit out 3 ogres.

Single Kit:
This kit includes 1 torso and set of "standing" legs, 1 set of shoulder mounted gizmos and 1 set of armor. It will also include a full set of arms. This kit will only build 1 ogre.

The renders depict possible build combinations.
Model designed by House Bharteth.