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Resin Munitorum

Blizzard Company Booster: Special Weapons 9th Season

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At long last we have the Stormtroopers of Blizzard company ready to bring the hammer of the emperor down on your foes.
These models are perfect proxies for Scion or Kasrkin.

There are a total of 5 special weapons units; each unit has 3 poses and is available in 3 different uniforms.
Weapons are Flamer, Grenade Launcher, Meltagun, Plasma Rifle, Volleygun.
Uniforms are Battle Helmet, Digi-Visor, Com-Link.

Models are offered in several packages:
Full Booster Kit: 15 Units, 3 of each special weapon.
Flamer Kit: 6 Units, 2 of each pose
Grenade Launcher Kit: 6 Units, 2 of each pose
Meltagun Kit: 6 Units, 2 of each pose
Plasma Rifle Kit: 6 Units, 2 of each pose
Volleygun Kit: 6 Units, 2 of each pose

Winterguard models are scaled to be slightly smaller than a standard imperial human, see height picture.
Models are available in Original and 105% sizes.
Models are designed by ZeDarkPenguin.