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Spartanian Stratos Legio + Upgrade Kit [5]

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This model kit that can be used to create 5 jumptroops for the Sons of Spartania space knight order.
Parts include 5 poses, each pose includes a bolt pistol and chain sword - the sgt pose also has a forearm shield.

In addition to that the kit also includes the following weapon options
Options provide with both a right and left-
Lightning Claws, Power Fist, Power Maul, Power Axe, Power Spear, Chainswords.

Additionally some dual-pistol options included
2 sets of bolt pistols, 1 set of grav pistols, and 1 set of plasma pistols.

All in you will have have a pile of armaments - grab some magnets and go to town.

This models is proportioned in such a way to match Primaris scale marines. These models are wonderfully sculpted and are a stand out piece and perfect for when you want a "unique" Spartan unit on the table.