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Free Shipping: US Domestic orders over $60, Canadian orders over $125.

Renegade Death Division | 9th Season Codex

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An amazing start to a Traitor Guard army. Not bound by the strict regimental doctrines of the imperial forces these chaps have a style all their own. 

The kit includes 12 units made up from 10 unique poses. 9 of those poses can be equipped with your choice of either a auto-rifle or laser rifle; one of these riflemen is a radioman.
The 2 duplicate poses are Special Weapons units and each have a Flamer, plasma, melta, and grenade launcher.
The final unit is the Sergeant with the 3 pistol options (laser, bolt, plasma) and 2 grafted-sword arms. . . yes your SGT can have a grafted chainsword!
While the kit will include 2 of each special weapon, they are designed to fit 4 of the included models, and may not fit flush on other bodies.

Red Maker Death Squad soldiers are scaled to be taller than the average human; as in the lore people from a particular death world are larger than normal. This results in models that are slightly larger than than other versions of similar models.

A "Sample Model" is also available it will be a Standard Rifleman with the basic weapon so you can test the model size and print quality directly.
This model was designed by Red Makers.
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