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Resin Munitorum

Renegade Death Division Trooper Weapons [10] | Kitbash Rifle Bits

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Weapon Kit

Renegade arms can be purchased in several configurations, these kits contain no bodies - only arms.
Auto-rifle Standard: contains 10 sets of arms.
Las-rifle Standard: contains 10 sets of arms.
Special Weapons: There are only 2 poses of each special weapon. This set contains 8 total sets of arms, 2 of each special weapons.

Some of the arms have spikes or growths on the shoulders. 
(Alternate arms sets, are depicted on the right, not depicted is a set mid reloading. )

Death Division soldiers are scaled to be taller than the average human; as in the lore people from a particular death world are larger than normal. This results in models that are slightly larger than than other versions of similar models.
These models were designed by Red Makers.