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OPFOR 4: Zombies!

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Zombie Bundle
The Opposing Force 4 contains 8 models,
5 Zombie Soldier Bodies and 2 different styles of Heads. - Zombies are bulk printed exact bodies received will be random.
1 Giant Bloated Zombie, an amalgamation of several corpses.
1 Escaped Zombie Experiment
1 Ghoulish creature

A few zombies have been supported with "tear-away" supports on the hands to cause random finger damage.

Models may be purchased is several combinations:
Horde Kit - 40 Soldier Zombies and all 3 creatures!
Swarm Kit - Includes 20 Soldier Zombies and the 3 creatures.
Standard Kit - Includes 10 Soldier Zombies and the 3 creatures.

Models are designed by TurnBased Miniatures.