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Inquisitor's Retinue | Red Pilgrim Miniature

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Usually, the composition of the interrogator's retinue depends on the task assigned to it. Most often, the group includes a duellist, armed with a power sword and shield, a missionary full of radiant faith, the grunt who provides fire support and experienced case officer armed with a shotgun and a powermace (has a 40k and 2000AD head). The reconnaissance function is performed by a skull-drone. Such a retinue is the most balanced and advantageously complements the skills of the interrogator himself, and all of them together represent a very formidable combat and operational unit.

Models may be purchased individually or as a the full retinue (1 of each model).
These models are designed to fit in with other imperial guard type soldiers; however parts may not be compatible with or proportionally consistent with other brands. These models are wonderfully sculpted and are a stand out piece, perfect for when you want a "unique" unit on the table.

This model was designed by Red Pilgrim.