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Resin Munitorum

Special Forces | 9th Season Codex

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Imperial Special Forces Kits:
Standard Infantry [10]: 8 riflemen, 1 radioman, 1 sergeant.
Expanded infantry [15]: 8 riflemen, 1 radioman, 1 sergeant. 4 Duplicated poses to be "special weapon units", along with a total of 10 special weapon sets (2 of each weapon)
- Sergeants include several weapon options.

Command Kits:
Full Command [5]: The Command Staff and the Lieutenant
Command Staff [4]: A Veteran, Radio, Medic, and Standard Bearer
Platoon Lieutenant [1] Has a variety of weapon options.

A random infantry sample model is also available if you'd like to get a single rifle unit to see how the scale and details compare to your existing army.
If you are Interested in a custom selection of models and weapons please reach out.
Models have been designed by Red Makers.