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Free Shipping: US Domestic orders over $60, Canadian orders over $125.

Death Division Standard Troopers

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The Death Division Infantry are a fantastic proxy model for your Krieg army. This multi-part kit has several options for building your squad.
There are a total of 12 bodies in the kit from the 10 poses. All of them can be armed with laser rifles with bayonets. Additionally there are 5 laser rifles with no bayonets, and 2 of each standard special weapons (Flamers, Meltas, Plasma, Grenade Launcher). Finally a set of arms for the sergeant will give you 3 pistol and 2 sword options.

A "Sample Model" is also available it will be a Standard Rifleman with the basic weapon so you can test the model size and print quality directly.

Death Division soldiers are scaled to be taller than the average human; as in the lore people from a particular death world are larger than normal. This results in models that are slightly larger than than other versions of similar models.
These models were designed by Red Makers.

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