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Resin Munitorum

Death Division Infantry | 9th Season Codex

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Weapon Style

The Death Division Infantry may be purchased in several configurations - Allowing you to get the forces you need on the table:

Death Division Infantry Kits:
Standard Infantry [10] - A Sergeant, 9 laser rifle troopers, one of which is a radioman.
Expanded Infantry [14] - In addition to the Standard Infantry; this kit contains 4 duplicate bodies and 2 of each special weapons (8 sets of arms). 
Fire Team [10] - A Sergeant, 7 laser rifle troopers, one of which is a radioman, and a Heavy weapon team of choice. 
Special Weapons Team [8] - This kit has 8 bodies and 2 sets of arms for each of plasma, melta, flamer, and grenade launcher.

- Sergeants include several weapon options.

Death Division soldiers are scaled to be taller than the average human; as in the lore people from a particular death world are larger than normal. This results in models that are slightly larger than than other versions of similar models.

A "Sample Model" is also available it will be a Standard Rifleman with the basic weapon so you can test the model size and print quality directly.

These models were designed by Red Makers.