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Sepulcher Wardens [10] | Gorebot Murder Robots

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Torso Style
Weapon Kit
A crazed army of sentient robots; they sweep across the star-ways exterminating all organic life.
This kit will allow you to assemble 10 close combat warriors with your choice of weapons and torso.
Options for torsos include: Standard and No-rivets, Std+Capes.

Weapons options are 1-handed axe, 1-handed sword, 2-handed axe, 2-handed spear.
Offhand options are round, or tall shield, or just empty hands.
(A mix-kit will give you a spread of all the above weapon options)

There are 5 sets of legs and 3 weapon poses for each weapon. The arms and torsos attach via a ball-socket system allowing a wide range of posing.
2-handed options will include 5 2-hand held weapons and 3 of each single hand held option, giving you 11 choices.