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Resin Munitorum

Sanctified Sarcophagus Engine | Pewter Exiles

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Hull Style
Weapon Kit

The Sanctified Sarcophagus Engine is produced as a multi-part kit. 
It can be purchased in several configurations:  
Factory Profile - 2 left arm support weapon options (Flamer or Bolter), and 2 main left arm weapon options (Power Sword or Doom Glaive). Along with a single right arm main weapon, a Psy-Cannon.       
Full Armaments - Adds the following right arm weapon options: Twin Lasers, Multi-Melta, Plasma Cannon, Gatling Assault Cannon. 

The Pewter Exiles Sanctified Sarcophagus Engine is noticeably larger than other styles of internment machines, please see the picture for a scale reference.  Give your Space Knights the coffin they deserve. 

Pewter Exiles are wonderfully sculpted and are a stand out piece, perfect for when you want a "unique" unit on the table.