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Resin Munitorum

Parasite Spitter & Spores | Deep Hive Alien Proxy

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When the claws and tentacles of The Deep Hive aren't enough the bring in the artillery. The Parasite Spitter can lob in exploding parasite spores or some sneaky jellyfish scouts. Both of these units are perfect for clogging up objectives and making anyone think twice about entering them.

Kit may be purchased in a few configuration. Each configuration comes with 2 head options for each body.
Single unit - Closed
Single Unit - Open
Single Unit - Shooting.
All 3 Units

Don't forget to bundle a group of 3 parasites or jellyfish. Please note: While the jellyfish in the render have a translucent blue cap, this kit only contains standard resin prints, as the blue has limited availability.

The renders depict the models on a base for display purposes only, they do not include bases. Recommended base size is 60mm Round.
Models are designed by Oshouna Minis