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Winterguard Murder Squad

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This Murder Squad is based on GW's new plastic Veteran Kill Team box. The set contains models from ZeDarkPenguin's product lines to create a visually stunning kill team. Moreover the kit not only contains a full roster of specialized veteran soldiers and special weapons models. It also has 4 regular veterans. this will let you field a full team of 10 units and have 4 more for the reinforcements. Imagine getting enough soldiers to match the rules in a single kit - it's practically unfathomable!!

This revised package includes a bruiser with an Ice Axe, and every model has a redesigned legs/tail section to enhance durability.

Here is the full roster of this kit
2 SGTs: Plasma and Bolt Pistol Options with a bionic arm and "this is a knife" trench knife.
2 Confidants: Boltgun and Bolter/Chainsword.
1 Sniper
1 Spotter
1 Demo Expert with plastic charge
1 Preacher with prayer book
1 Medic
1 Comms
1 Bruiser unit with lasrifle and Ice Axe
1 Hardened with power glove and lasrifle
4 Gunners: Plasma, Melta, Flamethrower, and Grenade Launcher
4 Lasrifle Vets for your reinforcements order we all know you're going to take.

Winterguard models are scaled to be slightly smaller than a standard imperial human, see height picture.
Models are available in Original and 105% sizes.