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GRNT Autonomous Combat Units

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Has the war with Eurasia and Eastasia gone on long enough?
Are you endlessly chasing stateless aggressors from one desert to the next?
Is the political unrest at home no longer "amusing"?

Allow us to introduce the next evolution in Asymmetric Warfare - The GRNT Autonomous Combat Unit.

Resin Munitorum is proud to be the leading supplier Suarez Robotics newest creation.
Standing 7' tall and capable of fully autonomous operation for up to 12 hours these units will revolutionize your fighting force.

Available in a standard 5 Unit configuration, armed with 2 M249 LMGs, 2 M4A1-GLs and a 40mm Grenade Launcher suitable for HE or Teargas.
Never before has Elimination or Subjugation been so easy.
Get yours today - Because your enemy will!

Models are designed by TurnBased Miniatures.