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Frontline Tactical Space Knights [10] | Red Makers Wargame Miniature

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This listing is for a more well rounded kit of space knights. It contains the 10 poses shown, and each will have a standard power pack.
The kit comes with your choice of helmet and shoulder pads.
Additionally, special weapons have been added to the Space Knight Arsenal - this kit includes 2 of each special weapon (Flamethrower, Plasma Rifle, Gravity Rifle, and Melta Rifle) models 1-8 will each have a special weapon option. (If you order more than 1 kit these can be shuffled if you want)

The set will also come with a full set of Accoutrements
20x Purity Seals
10x Belt Explosives (2 of each design)
14x Belt Pouches (2 of each design)
10x knives in holsters
10x Bolt Pistols in Holster

These models are offered in the common size of space knights; however, parts may require modification to affix to other brands.