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Factory Guard - Defense Force | Tablehammer Miniature

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Multipart kits which allow you to build a squad of Factory Defense Force armed with the latest LAS90 rifles. Each kit contains an assortment of parts allowing to to customize the look of your guards. The renderings depict example configurations.

Defense Force Kits are made up of the following parts:
Factory Guard bodies - 5 unique poses
Gas Mask Helmets - 4 Unique heads
Riot Helmets - 4 Unique heads
Office Heads - 2 unique heads
Las90 Rifles - 2 unique poses
Flamethrowers - 2 unique poses
Las90 Officer - 2 unique poses
laspistol officer - 2 unique poses
Pointing Arm

This 10 man kit will allow you to built 10 Defense Troops, 2 of which can optionally be outfitted as officers. It also includes 2 Flamethrower upgrade options.

While the model is designed to be of similar size to other galactic empire humans, parts may not be compatible with other brands without modification.
This model was designed by Table Hammer.