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Resin Munitorum

Death Division Starter Set | 9th Season Codex

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Heavy Support 1
Heavy Support 2

The Death Division Infantry Patrol has 60 total units for roughly 400 Points

1x Platoon Lieutenant
1x Commissar
1x Command Staff
1x Imperial Psychic (Random Pose)
3x Expanded Infantry Squads (with 2022 updated weapon models)
1x Heavy Weapon Squad (3 Weapon Teams)
1x Heavy Weapon Squad (3 Weapon Teams)

(Listing image does not depict all the models)
Add a Tank or Transport to flush the list out to 500 points.

Death Division soldiers are scaled to be taller than the average human; as in the lore people from a particular death world are larger than normal. This results in models that are slightly larger than than other versions of similar models. These models were designed by Red Makers.